-Started playing the Piano at Age 3

-Musician/Private entertainer  from
-Over 950 shows performed!

- Received multiple local and state level
awards for original music composition and
performance excellence!

-Maintains a piano studio of 30 students

-Owner of Keys on Main in
Seattle and Tacoma Washington

Jordan Stoneman is a professional pianist that
has performed in over
1400 shows, private
parties, wedding receptions, corporate parties,
and musical theater performances all over the
United States. Currently residing in Seattle
Washington, he has played for over 250,000
people and has over
8 years of piano teaching
Jordan Started playing piano at the age of 3
and has
20 years of classical music training.
Trained originally in the Suzuki method which
involves strategic ear training, he later moved
on to discover popular music and
blues.  He's
experienced in playing all different types of
music however, and feels comfortable in
almost any situation in which he's placed.
Night after night, patrons of local clubs
continue to attend performances in which
Jordan will be performing.  Jordan is best
known for his ability to motivate his students
and to help them become passionate about
their abilities. Teaching all ages and different
skill levels, Jordan is able to help almost
anyone dramatically improve their ability and
love of music.
Jordan received several MVP awards in elite
performance groups and has secured leading
roles in many musical theater venues
throughout the Western United States.
His love for music
continued to grow as Jordan
started playing in a Dueling
Pianos nightclub in Salt Lake City in the fall of
2007 at the age of 21. He has worked as
strictly a full-time musician for several years. In
2011, Jordan was given a great opportunity to
own and operate K
eys on Main Dueling Piano
bars in Tacoma and Seattle Washington.  
Jordan continues to compose and arrange
music as well as perform for thousands at
venues throughout Washington and the
Western United States.


Do you have your own gear?
-Yes, I have a piano that I bring around to
performances where pianos are not available.

Can you play outside/ large venues?
-The speaker gear that I have can project my
sound for up 1000 people.
"Crazy Lick"
Original Song by Jordan Stoneman